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The performances will happen on 21st December

Movie Screening

The movie will be screened on 22nd December


Ek Akeli Kisi Sheher Mein

Ek Akeli Kisi Shehar Mein, come listen to Dr Amir Ullah Khan, former civil servant and development economist, speak about women and safety in the city from the point of view of labour mobility.   

Infrastructures,disruptions and urban vision

This session is a conversation between Mankhurd an old neighbourhood in Mumbai and Gurgaon, a recent exurbia of Delhi. Or Bholakpur and Nanakramguda of Hyderabad, if you will. A city that has lived with the master plan for a long time, and a city that is expecting to be subject to a new masterplan. It is a conversation between Prasad Shetty and Mukta Naik, who approach the thick bound volume from two different directions, two equally profound approaches.

Data Deprivation or Data Apartheid

We have Teja Malladi, Swastik Harish, Harsha Devulapalli and Shamindra Nath Roy, Srinivas Kodali sharing each an expert in a different domain of spatial data sharing their stories on digital spatial data and democracy.

Mapping Mapusa Market

Orijit Sen will be discussing with us his Mapping Mapusa Market project which he worked on with students of the Goa University between 2013 and 16. We’ll see how art, mapping, game playing and other creative interventions can bring forward interesting ways of interpreting and talking about transformations in our cities.